For some time we’ve been exploring the idea of setting up an online pension resource aimed at a broad Canadian audience. We’re not exploring anymore and would like to welcome you to PensionBar! You might be wondering: why another pension website? Despite a plethora of available content on this subject, we truly believe there is a genuine lack of an independent and informative pension platform to directly assist Canadians with making retirement decisions.

Building on our deep understanding of the Canadian pension system and an abiding interest in tackling inertia, we strive to empower future retirees with the relevant knowledge and confidence required to face this major life decision. Through PensionBar, we offer an array of instruments along with general guidelines to enable Canadians to proactively set their retirement goals.

As a truly interactive platform, we view our website users as collaborators whose input will shape PensionBar’s content as it grows. Ultimately, it is the topics raised and discussed here that will help us tackle our pension challenges together and provide policymakers with a glimpse of the real issues Canadians face!