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A Short History of Your Pension – Germany
A Short History of Your Pension – United States
A Short History of Your Pension – Canada

Pension 101

What is a Pension Plan?
The Basics of Your Canada Pension Plan
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Does this website show the exact income I will receive when I retire?
My pay cheque is in the ballpark of $3500 per month. Will the same amount be enough to maintain my current lifestyle?
I came to Canada when I was 47. Luckily, I could join the workforce about a year later. Do I get a pension?
I have been contributing to CPP since I started to work. Is my pension from CPP going to be in the ballpark of my current salary?
I am currently 63 years old and have been employed for 35 years – I still love my job! Do I have to retire at age 65?
I spent most of my professional life in Canada. For over ten years I worked overseas and in the US – have I earned any pension credits for those years?
As a homemaker, I have not contributed to CPP nor do I have a company pension. Will I be eligible for any sort of pension?
Before immigrating to Canada, I contributed to my home country’s pension scheme. Would that be counted towards my retirement income?
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Paternalism vs. Knowledge

According to a recent CBC report, seniors in Ontario make up 30% of bankruptcies. Taking on too much debt is a killer factor in such cases but it does not tell the whole story. Some seniors have simply underestimated the financial

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Switching from DB to DC

In a WSJ article from April 2, 2015 Hank Kim (Executive Director – National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems, Washington) highlights the potential long-term costs of switching from a defined-benefit (DB) to a defined-contribution (DC) plan. Due to a

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