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Pension Communication Redefined

True value of benefits revealed through tech

there is a gap in pension communication



Employer offers retirement benefits

Employee does not take maximum advantage of benefits

Employer invests substantial resources to provide benefits

Employee confuses contributions with deductions on paycheck

Employer can enhance engagement by tapping into untapped potential

Employee can unlock the full potential of benefits

Benefits of closing the gap

A robust and healthy workplace aims to take care of its people.

By committing to offering retirement benefits, employers seek to improve the future financial stability of their employees and thus attract and retain talent. The problem being that this major commitment is often either overlooked or misunderstood by the plan member receiving it — true understanding at the stake of miscommunication!

We believe that once employees have access to engaging and interactive retirement tools, they are better positioned to take advantage of the benefits, translating into future financial stability and wellness. The direct benefits to employees translate into advantageous outcomes for employers.

Attract & retain talent

Boost in workforce productivity

Higher return on investment

The process of closing the gap with digital solutions

Through a systematic approach, we adeptly identify and address your communication challenges.

Consider us your trusted tech partner, seamlessly integrated into your team. We offer the flexibility to develop tailored solutions in collaboration with pension funds and third-party administrators, or provide stand-alone generic solutions.
Step 01


Reviewing your current member engagement strategy

Every project starts with a conversation. In this discovery session we try to map your member engagement strategy and identify areas of improvement in different member journeys.
Step 02

Design & Implementation

Implementation strategy based on your unique objectives and priorities

We work closely with your team to identify priorities and create a roadmap to achieve your specific engagement objectives. Depending on the project, we engineer a custom solution or offer a white-label one. We plan and manage the project from the beginning to the end, providing regular updates along the way.
Step 03

Launch & Measure

Rolling out digital solutions to your members and measuring impact

At the end of the development cycle, the solution is rolled out as a stand-alone product or integrated with your 3rd party administrator software. The product usage is monitored, KPIs measured & analyzed, and refinements made per project requirements.
Book your complimentary discovery session
Book your complementary discovery session

Explore what is possible

Patented UX

Helping Canadians understand their retirement income from government sources

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Behavioral Finance

Generating timely and relevant insights

Explore Use Case
DB/DC Comparison

Building custom simulators to communicate a large organization’s DC enhancements to its employees

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Engaging with members at different stages of the retirement journey

Explore Use Case
Conversational AI

Enhancing financial literacy through an engaging periodical pension statement

Explore Use Case

Turning a pension expert’s decumulation research into a practical tool for individuals

Explore Case Study

Interested in transforming the member experience in your organization?

You are intrigued by the potential of an enhanced member engagement strategy, but how do you get your stakeholders on board? We’ve got you covered! Our pitch deck explains the features and benefits of adopting digital solutions highlighting our process of overcoming member communication challenges. Start the conversation in your organization and you have our support every step of the way.
Let us introduce a contemporary take on the pension industry, one that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their financial well-being in retirement. Pensionbar’s human-centric and holistic approach drives the transfer of passion into technology, generating superior return on your investment in offering retirement benefits.

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