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Demystifying Pensions


Our vision

> Demystify the pension maze for individuals and empower them to make informed decisions

> Improve member satisfaction for benefit providers through an enhanced engagement model

> Transform the engagement model to a personalized, on-demand, AI counseling experience

> Enable employers to attract and retain talent by educating employees on retirement benefits



Pensionbar offers AI-based customer experiences to retirement solution providers, employers and advisors. The experiences consist of different customer journeys, personalized to an individual’s unique circumstances and preferences. You can see an example of an onboarding journey for a US client.

Our interactive and unique simulators for government, DB or DC benefits provide opportunities for on-demand learning. Our ultimate mission is perfectly aligned with our customers, namely improving retirement outcomes for individuals through innovative and user-friendly tools.


SaaS licensing

> Bundle of simulators, integrated within your portal

> A solution package, consisting of multiple customer journeys


> Custom-made simulators or journeys

> Technology transformation projects in the financial industry, particularly the pension space


Custom Simulators

The simulators are designed to provide the user quick approximate outputs with very limited inputs form the user. Infinite scenarios at a user’s fingertips allow the individual to learn and see what is best for his/her unique circumstances.

Workplace DB

Coming soon


Coming soon


Simulator demo