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Much of the traditional tools for pension communication are built by actuaries, for actuaries. That is neither fair to actuaries---driven by concepts and numbers, nor plan members---engaged by design and simplicity for an enhanced learning experience. We combine behavioral finance with design thinking to build cutting-edge technology solutions based on actuarial science foundations.
Patented UX

Helping Canadians understand their retirement income from government sources

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Behavioral Finance

Generating timely and relevant insights

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DB/DC Comparison

Building custom simulators to communicate a large organization’s DC enhancements to its employees

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Engaging with members at different stages of the retirement journey

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Conversational AI

Enhancing financial literacy through an engaging periodical pension statement

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Turning a pension expert’s decumulation research into a practical tool for individuals

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Implement our solutions in your organization in a breeze.

You want to use our solutions to communicate your pension plan, but how do you get your stakeholders on board? We’ve got you covered. We’ve made a pitch deck that explains our process, features, benefits and pricing. You’ll also get materials to present transforming your plan with confidence. Get the pitch deck now and transform your pension communication.
Let us introduce a contemporary take on the pension industry, one that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their financial well-being in retirement. Pensionbar’s human-centric and holistic approach drives the transfer of passion into technology, generating superior return on your investment in offering retirement benefits.

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