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An Excellent Lifetime Income Simulator

By: Don Ezra - Consider this scenario. You’ve just turned 65. You’ve just retired. Now, of course, you have to replace your paycheck with a new source of income. But that’s OK, because you’ve saved $1,000,000 in your “pension pot.” (Congratulations!) The thing is: you don’t know how much you can draw each year from […]

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Empowering Retirees: How Technology is Enhancing Financial Literacy for Decumulation

“Imagine a parade of 10,000 people marching past your house every day, each holding a retirement cake and a balloon. That's a lot of calories & balloons and that is only in the United States!” Projecting forward, today’s 120M+ active participants in retirement plans in North America will be retiring over the next few decades. […]

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Member communication in the digital age

We live in the age of information overflow. The channels, methods, and frequency at whichwe receive information have drastically changed over the last two decades. Mass media such as TV and radio have given way to personalized news feeds and social media interactions. Our ever-increasing reliance on digital devices has had adverse consequences on our […]

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Interested in transforming the member experience in your organization?

You are intrigued by the potential of an enhanced member engagement strategy, but how do you get your stakeholders on board? We’ve got you covered! Our pitch deck explains the features and benefits of adopting digital solutions highlighting our process of overcoming member communication challenges. Start the conversation in your organization and you have our support every step of the way.